Room A/V Instructions


  1. Turn on all the TVs with the TV Remote, point the remote at the bottom of the TVs. Press the Power button ONCE. Wait for the screens to turn on.
  2. The AV Remote controls which Input(s) are selected. The AV Remote MUST point at the credenza (opposite side of room from TVs) to function.
  3. To change input, press the single square button on the AV Remote to cycle to the next input (see Figure 1)
  4. Input 1 is the Microsoft Wireless Display. Follow the on-screen instructions to connect to the name displayed on the screen.
  5. Input 2 is the Apple TV. Use AirPlay to connect to the name displayed on the screen.
  6. Input 3 is the table HDMI connection for a presentation laptop.
  7. Input 4 is the desktop computer if the presentation device does not connect to the wireless display or HDMI port.
  8. To use multiple inputs (ex. MS Wireless Display, Airplay, HDMI, desktop) at the same time, press the double square button (Left/Right) or the four-square button (all four screens) (see Figure 2)
  9. Default is Input 1 and Input 2. To change the inputs and which screens they appear on, the Win (A-D) and Src (1-4) buttons will need to be used (see Figure 3)
  10. When finished, return to Input 1 on the AV Remote using the single-square button.
  11. Press the Power button ONCE on the TV Remote to turn off the TVs.
Figure 1 (step 3)
Figure 2 (step 8)
Figure 3 (step 9)